Monday, May 20, 2024

TikTok for Business Releases A New Solutions to Help Small Businesses in the Philippines Connect and Grow with the TikTok Community

TikTok for Business Releases A New Solutions to Help Small Businesses in the Philippines Connect and Grow with the TikTok Community

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One of the many apps that have been widely used during the pandemic crisis is now a tool for business. TikTok, the short-form video app with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy, has launched new advertising solutions to empower small and mid-size businesses in the Philippines to tap into the power of TikTok For Business to grow their brand. The global availability of TikTok’s self-serve advertising solutions gives marketers the tools to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, reach new audiences and optimize their marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use platform. At a time when small businesses have been severely impacted around the world, TikTok is also introducing its Back-to-Business ad credit program, including $100 million in ad credits for small businesses worldwide to use on their journey to rebuilding.

Today marks a significant milestone in the evolution of TikTok For Business with the introduction of self-serve tools designed to support advertisers at each step of the campaign creation process. TikTok, a platform that celebrates creativity and storytelling from its users, aims to give marketers innovative tools with which to create authentic, creative content unique to the app. More and more brands are realizing TikTok’s unique ability to reach and engage with a broader audience, and today’s launch of new advertising solutions for SMBs makes it seamless, easy, and efficient for all brands to now meaningfully connect with the TikTok community.

“TikTok’s immersive, short-form videos give businesses a platform to participate and engage with a community known for its creativity, ingenuity, and joy,” said John Castro, Community Operations Manager, TikTok Philippines. “As our marketing solutions scale and evolve, we’re continuously building for the future and aiming to meet the growing needs of our partners. We’re excited to continue supporting our community by providing the tools and resources for SMB owners to navigate these challenging times.”

TikTok Self-Serve Advertising Tools

The TikTok For Business Ads Manager empowers businesses of all sizes to reach their ideal customers on TikTok through a simple interface. With new creative tools and performance features designed with small businesses in mind, it’s now easier than ever to start activating at scale on the platform.

Product highlights include:

● Creative tools: TikTok has a suite of creative tools that enable every marketer to embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community. Everyone has the opportunity to tell their story, and resources such as TikTok AdStudio help brands represent the most authentic version of their brand.

● Flexible budgets: TikTok Ads Manager was designed for fast set up for every level of expertise. Flexible budgets allow businesses to adjust their spending at any time.

● Performance targeting: Intelligent targeting enables businesses to get discovered by new engaged audiences.

● Business accounts: TikTok is also introducing business accounts that will provide additional tools customized to businesses’ needs for performance analysis and engagement with audiences.

“We see endless potential on TikTok and wanted to get in early to start building our presence this summer in preparation for peak holiday season,” said Isaac Gad, CEO of Slate and Tell, an independent jewelry brand offering creative ways to personalize your jewelry. “We’ve met our return on advertising spend goals within days whereas on other platforms it’s taken months. We’re excited about experimenting with creatives and growing on the platform.”

TikTok Back-to-Business Program

Small businesses are uniquely at risk as local economies ceased activity in efforts to protect public health. SMBs around the world are weathering this crisis, and TikTok is committed to supporting them as they get back on their feet and start rebuilding by providing $100M in advertising credits.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local communities, and we want to be there with them and to provide support as they navigate these challenging times”, added Castro.

TikTok’s Back-to-Business is available globally, and small businesses can apply for the credit and get started by visiting the website.

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